Our Story

I am a proudly South African Fashion designer, fitness instructor and L1T CrossFit coach. (yes this is a one man show)

In this industry I am passionate about three things, Fitness, Fashion and Local (South African) design and manufacture.

I have been in the Fitness and industry since 2003. I studied Fashion Design. Straight after graduating from design school I went straight into designing and manufacturing ladies street wear and opened a store in 44 Stanley avenue, Milpark, Jozi.

During this time I always had talk of starting my own fitness brand as I see a huge gap in the South African Market for a locally made brand. I also know that some of the goods that are available to us are not to the standard us ladies need. Squatting pants as my friends refer to are in high demand as most of them go see through when you squat :/ Yes there are the international brands but not many local brands.

I started CrossFit in early 2012 and noticed that the demand was high for fun, functional tees and vests


I closed my store at the end of 2012 and decided to pack my bags and move to Cape Town. 

I went through a process to find an appropriate name for my fitness brand. My most favourite one was "PUSH" as we so often using the term when we are training beyond our limits and people can relate

After I had finally decided on a name and logo design I headed out into the industry to find fabrics and a manufacturer to make my goods. If you are in this industry you will know that this is possibly the most heart wrenching time. There are always improvements to be made but I am happy with the outcome of my products.

I will be selling most of my stock online and will consider stocking a few gyms around the country. 


I am extremely excited to where this road might take me. I am so incredibly grateful to be doing what I love and am equally as grateful to be surrounded by people who are constantly striving to better their lives! This is what I use to fuel my inspiration and passion!



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